Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Try Something New

Sometimes we all need to try new things! I offered beet greens for sale at the Farmers' Market on Friday. They were a sell out - mostly to folks who knew how exquisitely delicious such things can taste. But there were a few folks who had never considered eating such things! One woman who examined the beet greens left my table with plans to thin her beet planting and enjoy her own greens. When you come to the Farmers' Market for your tried and true favorites, consider trying something new. All the farmers can provide you with cooking or preparation suggestions or even recipes!
At the Post Office on Monday, one of my customers visiting with a friend on the sidewalk stopped me and made it a point to tell me that "those beet greens were wonderful!" Her companion said she had been disappointed last week to find the greens were sold out so she'll be one of the first to get there this week!
What a joy it is to have the privilege of growing food for our neighbors and friends – thanks everyone!

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