Our Farming Heritage

Potato Harvest, late 1940s

Peas were grown commercially here in the 1950s

More documentation of a 1950s pea harvest

Arthur Metzger Sr. on the tractor in the pea patch
Artie Metzger, sporting his red cap, King Of The Potato Bag Mountain
Arthur Metzger Sr. , circa 1952
standing in the front yard of the house
where we still live today
J. Walter and Thelma Matteson Metzger in the cow barn, circa 1956.
They were the grandparents of Arthur Metzger Jr.

Heifers in the pasture, circa 1953
Living on a farm provides many opportunities
to find ingredients for mud pies.
Dawn Metzger Newton and Carol Metzger Wilkerson,
circa 1951
Artie Metzger in front of the granary (no longer standing)
Unidentified man in background.
Circa 1955
Artie and Carol on a wintry afternoon in 1954
Wanda Gooch Metzger likely on her way to her "day job."

Fun in the snow

J. Walter and Thelma Matteson Metzger
in their courting days
In this undated photo, Arthur E. Matteson
strides along the road that passes in front of the farmhouse.
Horse barn in the background is recognizable today
Walter Metzger with his team.
The 'Horse Barn" is seen at the right
Those faniliar with the farm will note that it's still standing

Late 1940s

This little guy would dearly love to add work horses
to our farm plan today!

Leona Matteson Tasillo at work picking berries.
Who's the lady in the background?

See the berry baskets attached to the belt?


Unknown said...

Great photos, Jane. (Thanks to Mom) Is that Floyd Snyder driving Kit and Bess (with Artie riding bareback) to spread the manure?

Art & Jane said...

Took me a year to get here but that is Floyd Snyder at the reins.

simone spicer said...

What fun looking at these pictures! And congratulations on getting the organic certification! Hope to see you this weekend. Len and I will be coming to beautiful Potter County in the truck. I'll call and see if you want me to take some plastic trash off your hands... and maybe some nice lettuces if you have some. Love, Simone