Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Late Summer

The school bus rumbling by this morning sends yet another signal that summer is winding down. My last blog post was months ago as we looked forward to summer and the plants featured there have long since made their way into CSA shares.
I've done a poor job of chronicling life on the farm this summer for our 92-year-old Metzger family matriarch has faced a health crisis, bringing many changes to our world here on Crandall Hill.
But, due to the diligent and loving efforts of Laura and Rytz, CSA customers have enjoyed the bounty of our little USDA Certified Organic farm.
They've also had a major presence at the Potter County Farmers' Market each Friday in downtown Coudersport. This is the time of year that customers can enjoy the best of the season with tables laden with heirloom tomatoes, peppers of all colors and heat, cucumbers, beets, kale, chard, garlic, ground cherries, tomatilloes, cabbage, cauliflower, herbs, flowers... and early season apples.
The USDA Certified Organic designation assures you that your food is grown to exacting standards.  And with stories like this in the news every day, it becomes even more important to seek organic foods to nourish yourself and your family.
See you at the Market!