Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Here Comes The Sun .... Flower!

 Here's proof that our new hive of bees has settled in. There's a row of sunflowers bordering the Mama Wanda garden and the early morning light was so very beautiful this day that I grabbed the camera. I explained to our bees that I was there only to snap a few pictures and they continued on their quest, visiting the flowers, gathering nectar and acting as pollinators.

Golden Glow
Planted by family members in years past
Neighbor & cousin John Peet calls this "back house daisies"
because the vigorous habit provides a screen around outhouses!
also known as horsemint, wild bergamot, Oswego tea

Reminiscent of the old song sung by Peter, Paul and Mary.
"Every flower's reachin' for the sun
Every petal opens when the day has just begun"
(written by Noel Paul Stookey, Bob Milstein, Peter Yarrow