Friday, November 16, 2012

Across The Country

We've been away from the farm on a visit to Oregon to see our delightful grandchildren.
Rowan and Amelia enjoying the new sandbox built by their grandpa -- with Rowan's help!
Since our return, it's been non-stop work to get our place ready for winter with no time for blogging -- even if our internet connection had been functioning!
Here I am this morning enjoying a lovely yogurt smoothie made with organic blueberries from the freezer. But it's what I found on the foil wrapper of the Stonyfield Farm organic yogurt that brought me to blogging today. It certainly sums up why it is we are doing what we do here at Metzger Heritage Farm.
"We think organic food is ...

Better for you
An organic diet can dramatically reduce pesticide exposure

Better for the planet
No persistent pesticides which contaminate soil, air and waterways

Better for farmers
Less pesticide exposure and more economic opportunity"
 How about some wonderful organic Potter County potatoes for your Thanksgiving dinner? Choosing organic may cost you a little more money but we think you'll agree they taste better and are much better for you. Call us to make arrangements for pickup or delivery. We have an assortment of tastes, colors and textures.
We also have some organic winter squash - hubbards, butternut and buttercup varieties.
As we turn our hearts toward Thanksgiving, we are so very thankful for the opportunity to help bring wholesome and delicious produce to our community.