Thursday, June 27, 2019

Another USDA Certified Organic Inspecition

Arthur and I spent part of yesterday with Christie Badger, who was charged with completing our fourth annual on-site inspection for our USDA Organic Certification. Christie reviewed our organic systems plan with us and verified the  information provided with records from the farm and on-site inspection.
Keeping up with the record-keeping process required has been a learning experience but I was gratified to be able to immediately provide any documentation requested by the certifier.
I recently had a conversation with a respected local physician who is a bit skeptical about the veracity of the USDA Certified Organic label on some of the products in  supermarkets from large industrial farms, especially those south of the border. I felt confident assuring the good doctor that we have grown organically for as long as we've been having gardens and achieving this certification was the next logical step as we grow our farm by focusing on production of USDA Certified Organic apples along with an assortment of vegetables.
Read more about the USDA Certified Organic at the Pennsylvania Certified Organic (PCO) website here.
We're proud to meet the standards that allow us to use the USDA Certified Organic label on our vegetables, plants and fruits.