Sunday, April 28, 2013

Morning Has Broken

The morning chores take a lot longer these days. The plant starts in the greenhouse (350+ tomatoes and peppers as yet uncounted along with assorted other vegetables and a lone apple tree) need to be watered, moved from light source to light source and looked after. The high tunnel needs attention too -- should we unzip the ends or raise them? How cold did it get in there last night? Should we uncover the raised beds? The chickens need to be watered and let out.
But there's something about working through the morning chores that pleases me. It's a combination of the glorious light, the rejuvenation of my body from a night's sleep, the smell of the damp earth, the coolness of the air (too cold, sometimes!) and the thought that the whole day is spread out before me.
Sometimes you just need to sing "Oh, What A Beautiful Morning" with Grandpa! (May 2012)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Growing Season

Growing season is well underway on Crandall Hill. In the high tunnel, heads of lettuce, rows of spinach and radishes are growing in preparation for the opening of the Farmers' Market on Friday, May 24. I'm also hoping to have some Swiss chard too.
Swiss Chard overwintered in the high tunnel
Lettuce planted in preparation for May 24 Farmers' Market opening
The rhubarb patch is looking promising too but the roller-coaster weather makes it difficult! The carrots, beets and potatoes planted in late March in the high tunnel are starting to take off though I don't think they'll be ready until mid-June.
In the heated greenhouse space, I have completed the re-potting of the tomatoes and some of the peppers. We have selected a number of new varieties of heirloom tomatoes for the market this summer. Of course, we won't see ripe tomatoes until mid-summer!
Tomatoes in greenhouse on April 11
Tomatoes in greenhouse one week later – April 18
I also have started a beautiful crop of basil, parsley and cilantro. There are eggplants, cabbages and broccoli starts coming along too.
It's a busy time on the farm but the Potter County Farmers' Market growers are taking time out to work together for enhancements to our local market. We're meeting again Sunday. We all appreciate your support as we work to provide wholesome, nutritious, high quality local produce.