Sunday, July 29, 2012

Welcome Sunshine!

We are very fortunate to have escaped the brunt of the storm that passed through these hills on Thursday afternoon. A phone call from a friend alerted us to the possibility of a tornado and we took shelter in the cellar. We heard loud rumbles of thunder and pounding of the rain but, upon coming up above ground, all was well and the high tunnel was still standing. Even less than a half mile from here, trees were snapped and flattened.
It was decided to go ahead with the Farmers' Market on Friday afternoon even though Coudersport - and most of the farmers - did not have power. We all persevered despite numerous showers but didn't have a lot of customers for obvious reasons.
We have an abundance of produce - the second plants of peas is ready. Enjoy some with the amazing new potatoes. We also have tomatoes, Swiss chard, onions, hot and green peppers, some leaf lettuce and beets.  The second planting of beets is yielding perfect beet greens too. If you're interested and can't wait until Friday, send us an email or call 274-8004 to make arrangements. Thanks...
In case you have been missing the blog, we've been vacationing with our family in Montana. Here's a picture taken in Yellowstone National Park.