Sunday, October 3, 2021

Limited Edition Cider Pressing


Our apple cider is unique in that no two pressings are the same - and that's by design! When we first planned the expansion of an orchard, Arthur spent hours researching and sourcing apple varieities and now, all these year later, we (and you!) enjoy the fruits of his labor. (No apologies for the pun!)

We will be offering this wonderful cider for sale this week (beginning Thursday) here at the farm. We encourage you to order in advance because this is a limited pressing and we have always sold out.

Our apples are processed at a facility that uses UV light (not chemicals) and is bottled there, transported to the farm and stored at the proper temperature in our walk-in cooler. There are no preservatives added, making it perfect for wine or hard cider.

Call the landline (814-274-8004) or email to reserve yours today!