Wednesday, March 2, 2011

They Just Taste Better!

I truly appreciate feedback from our customers. When you've prepared the bed, planted the seeds, weeded, kept watch for disease and pests, observed the growth process and harvested, you have a tremendous amount of energy – both physical and psychic – invested!
Yesterday I enjoyed one of those ah-ha moments that makes it all worthwhile. One of our potato customers spoke of being seated at the dinner table enjoying a supper which included our organically grown potatoes. Her husband turned to her and said "you know, these potatoes are really good." And he meant good in the best sense. And at that moment, they both "got it." The potatoes are really good. This couple has their own garden. They grow their own vegetables and they love good food. But this was different – for they truly noticed, and appreciated, the difference organic makes. It really does taste better.