Friday, October 16, 2020

How Do You Like Them Apples?


Have you visited our farm stand on Crandall Hill? We came up with the plan to use our garage in what we all call "the horse barn" as a way to offer our USDA Certified Organic apples (and cider when we have it) for sale right here on the farm.

Apples are conveniently bagged so you can grab and go. We offer selections of apple varieties you may recognize and many more you might want to add to your list of favorites. We also accept the FMNP and WIC checks and have $6 bags available. 

King of Tompkins County is a large, smooth-skinned yellow apple with orange-red blush.  It's coarse, crisp, aromatic and tender. Many people bite into one and immediately say it tastes exactly as they remember a great apple tasting when they were a child.

Pixie Crunch is a dessert apple, extremely crisp and juicy. It's described as rich, spicy and full flavored. I describe them as delicious!

Where else can you find apples with names such as Freedom ... Enterprise .. Liberty ... Wolf River ...Florina Querina ... Crimson Topaz ... Crimson Gold ...  Scarlett O'Hara ... Red Free ... Sundance.

In addition to our bagged apples, we can also put together boxes of what we call "seconds" perfect for applesauce, apple butter, and pies. Cost is $20. Preorder and we'll have them ready for you.