Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Catering For A Wedding

When son Joseph and his best girl Jennifer first began talking about their nuptials, a fabulous wedding feast was near the top of the list of must-haves. They envisioned a table that brought together all the tastes they've come to love - fresh vegetables, wild-sourced meat and fish and a side of sweets.
Joseph and Jennifer Metzger on their wedding day

Since the bridal couple lives in Alaska but were tying the knot in Elk County, Pennsylvania, much of the planning fell to the parents of the bride and the parents of the groom. And when the parents of the groom are organic farmers, you can imagine where this is heading!
But first, one must find a caterer who is up to the challenge of preparing wild-caught salmon and moose from Alaska and vegetables that still bear traces of the soil in which they were grown. Meet Ben Samick of Just Ben's Catering.
And so the menu was set - Salmon (with choice of two sauces served on the side so the exquisite taste of the fish stands on its own), Alaskan Moose Roast and Moose Sandwiches. That takes care of the protein side of the menu.

For the vegetables, the bride and groom chose an assortment of vegetables grown right here on the Metzger Heritage Farm.

Beets - a selection of Chioggia, Detroit Dark Red, Golden  

Mixed salad greens grown in our high tunnel
Tomatoes complemented the salad - golden, red and black cherry
Carrots are always delicious - especially when used in a
carrot cake baked by the bride's mother
Green beans were also grown in the high tunnel for an October harvest

A colorful potato assortment
And we didn't forget the decorations either ... pots of herbs (many transplanted from the gardens of the bride's parents and the groom's parents along with rosemary acquired from family friend Frank Zitnik) decorated the tables. Many friends and family members contributed hydrangeas, pearly everlasting, Japanese lanterns, thistle, and more - artfully arranged in antique containers by the bride's mother. Bountiful bouquets of zinnias added pops of color.