Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tomatoes In Potter County

This is the first year for our high tunnel - an unheated greenhouse space. In early May - on the 4th to be exact – we planted the first of the certified organic tomato transplants in raised beds in the high tunnel. On the days that followed, we opened and closed the ends and/or the sides depending on the weather and watered and trellised the young plants.
They responded by developing thick stems, abundant foliage and loads of tomato blossoms. This is the plant that produced the first green tomatoes and yesterday I noticed the telltale change of color that heralds the ripening process.
This photo was taken yesterday.
And here's a photo of the same plant today ....
For those of you who have been seeking tomatoes at the Potter County Farmers' Market - hang on for a little longer - they're coming.
I'm delighted with the prospect of harvesting ripe tomatoes in July. Most years it's late August before we have that particular pleasure.
Also ripening are peppers - green and Espanola (a milder hot pepper) and I expect a small beginning harvest of string beans as well.
All of the peas harvested yesterday have been sold - thank you to all our loyal customers! I'm heading outside now to pick more. We'll have a fresh harvest from Friday morning to take to the Farmers' Market that afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic, I am one who purchased the new peas last Friday and I will be back again this Friday. Looking forward to each new item you will be selling. Thank you.