Monday, June 18, 2012

A Fringe Benefit

This farming adventure has introduced us to such kind, warm and interesting folks!
Last year we met Dennis and Bridget Reynolds when we were directed to them as the source of Vermont Compost potting soil and we've enjoyed visiting with them several times since.  Every time our paths cross, I come away with a big smile on my face and yesterday was no exception.
A need for a bag of potting soil took us across the New York State border to Almond late yesterday afternoon as the storm clouds were gathering. Bridget was busy with other customers when we arrived and that gave us a chance to look around the store. The shelves of the coolers were stocked with lots of their organic produce – all kinds of salad greens, colorful kale, spring onions, Bok Choy. They also offer a selection of whole grains, specialty pasta, nut butters, maple syrup, honey. They also sell artisan breads from a local baker. But on the counter were quart boxes of organic strawberries – some of which were turned into a beautiful Father's Day strawberry shortcake here on Crandall Hill!
In addition to the potting soil, I also wanted to discuss head lettuce with Bridget. I had purchased 12 organic head lettuce plant starts from her as a growing experiment. Though I grow lovely leaf lettuce, I had never grown head lettuce. Those plants thrived both in the high tunnel and in the garden. I harvested the first of the lush and colorful heads June 8 and offered them for sale at the Farmer's Market. They sold like hotcakes and this week, the remaining heads were sold in no time. Customers from last week who came back for more had to hear that I was sold out!
I had hoped Bridget might have more plant starts but she had planted them all. However, she provided me with the information and seeds I need to start my own plants in our greenhouse. So all you folks who want more of that great head lettuce – red and green – check back with me in six weeks!
Here's a link to Dennis and Bridget's market in Almond, N.Y. –

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