Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Safe For Children & Pets

I put a post on my Facebook page accompanied by this photo of a sign we have in our yard.
Wouldn't it be great if this sign could replace those little warning flags from lawn chemical companies cautioning us that poison has been sprayed in public places like Charles Cole Memorial Hospital or on your neighbor's lawn?
How do we launch a public campaign that would give folks information about the harmful effects of these chemicals so they could make educated decisions about whether they want to run the risk of poisoning themselves, their children, their neighbors just to have the promise of a green and weed-free lawn. What does this say about our society?
And while I'm on my soapbox, I will report that after a visit to a store that sells that stuff yesterday, I was dismayed to find that the smell of those chemicals clung to my clothes long after I had walked out the door. What is the effect on the people who work in that environment day after day?
I attended a meeting of the God's Country Water Dogs Monday evening. The group wanted to have a  discussion about the possibility of forming a coalition of local folks and groups with an interest in environmental matters. I went to the meeting with the idea that I could bring attention to the issue of lawn chemicals and perhaps find some support for this issue. There was good discussion at the meeting and I was impressed with the work being done by this group as they regularly monitor local streams and record their data. Discussion about a coaltion of environmentally-minded groups will continue. Another step in that direction is a picnic planned at the Genesee Environmental Center on Friday, July 13 aimed at bringing together various watershed groups in the area. I'll share more details in future posts.
Back to the high tunnel where I'm trellising and pruning my organic tomatoes today!

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Sharon said...

Amen to chemical free! I can't believe people who spray weed killer and bug killer all over their lawns and then let their children and grandchildren play and roll around on them. What part of "killer" don't they get?