Thursday, July 30, 2020

On The Other Side

I've been resistant, but today I acknowledge the gardens are on the other side of summer ... you know the side of summer where the leaves are yellowing, the bug damage is more noticeable, the weeds continue to triumph and even the second and third of the succession plantings are winding down. It's also the time when garden chores can easily fill the day, leaving me wondering where the time went.

But, this movement to late summer is not all bad for it's the time for harvest and the time for preservation.

The first batch of homegrown heirloom tomato sauce ready for the oven yesterday

Great success with pickling cucumbers this year.
Early Russian Picklers and Little Fingers (in case you wondered)

Planted lots of sunflowers to enjoy from the kitchen windows.
Orchard in the distance

These hollyhocks are remnants of ones planted by Thelma Metzger.
They surprise me every year!
Next year, we'll have a new strain courtesy of Cindy Alackness who dropped off seeds from hers last year. Hollyhocks are biennials meaning the plant requires two years to complete its life cycle.
During the first year, they grow roots and a rosette of of leaves. The second year they bloom. 

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