Sunday, July 19, 2020

Summer Heat

I'm watching the radar as yet another storm front races toward us from the west this afternoon. My last post back in April (gulp!) lamented the late spring and the cold weather. Not much changed until mid-June, when after a frosty morning on June 14, it's been hot and dry, punctuated by gusty thunderstorm.

Let these pictures taken today bring you up to date on Metzger Heritage Farm.

Garlic on the left, potatoes and Oregon Giant snow peas
Garlic is later this year because we didn't get it planted
until spring but the crop looks promising.

This jungle is just inside the high tunnel.
You're looking at soybeans (a new variety I'm trying for edamame)
and cannellini beans. In the background onions and shallots.
I've been anxious to get something to grow around the sluice
pipe besides weeds. So this year, in addition to the weeds, I am enjoying
sunflowers, calendula and dill as I stand in the kitchen looking
out at the orchard and sweet corn. Final planting of beets and
carrots went in the ground today, just below the sweet corn.

The amazing Fortex pole beans.
Stringless and very tasty.

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