Saturday, February 25, 2012

Seeds Ordered!

I've spent the past couple of days closed away in my office surrounded by seed catalogs.
The catalogs are full of beautiful photos and glowing descriptions. How can one resist rhetoric like "bushels of delectable, snackable, stuffable, grillable peppers" or "the first time we bit into one of these red beauties it tasted like we had drizzled the tiny pearl fruit with honey." To a farmer, words like "upright habit makes for clean production and easy harvesting" and "greatly improved, easy to grow and two weeks earlier than most varieties" are very appealing.

Yesterday I would have told you that my seed ordering was complete but this morning in writing this post, I am once again being seduced by a tomato that "just begs to be eaten right off the vine" and this pumpkin "If you want the best pie pumpkin for cooking, then put down your food mill and get ready to scoop out virtually stringless, smoth and brilliant orange meat!"
Maybe it's time to look out the window at the blowing snow to bring myself back to reality!

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