Sunday, December 30, 2018

Year End Review (Part 1)

The last week of the calendar year following the frenetic week before Christmas is winding down as I sit quietly in the windowed living room, watching the sun go down. I've been trying to write this post much of the afternoon but it's been a day of some sort of perverse celebration for our neighbors - a celebration punctuated by shooting all kinds of guns and even those ghastly loud and obnoxious exploding targets. For most, that kind of celebration might just be a mere inconvenience, but to me, gunshots never fail to trigger unwelcome PTSD symptoms. So the setting sun is welcomed this afternoon for the trigger-happy folks down the road won't be able to set their sights on the targets- exploding or not.

2018 was a good tomato year
The 2018 season took shape far from Potter County at our winter roost in eastern Washington. The organic system plan that would set our course for the growing season was submitted to PCO.  Word that Rytz and Laura were contemplating returning for another go at "sharecropping" set the plans in motion for our return to our farm with new resolve and new plans for marketing the products of our small organic farm.

And thus, the Metzger Heritage Farm CSA took shape. Rytz and Laura returned to the farm in April and immediately put into action plans for providing a weekly basket of organic vegetable goodness for 12 customers.

Japanese long turnips

early season spinach

spicy mesclun mix
Rytz packaging greens

(to be continued ...)


Anonymous said...

We looked forward to our CSA share each week. Laura and Rytz introduced us to many veggies we weren't familiar with but grew to love. Thanks!

Unknown said...

So glad you enjoyed your seasonal, local goodness! Many thanks for your continued support - Laura