Monday, March 12, 2018

Fast Time

Metzger Heritage Farm, late winter 2018
stubborn snow drifts
Arthur's grandfather used to call it fast time. Along with most of the country, we dutifully reset clocks ahead one hour Sunday morning and today fought to to arise early to capture the daylight we've saved.

Daylight Savings Time is the final buzzer of the farm planning season for me. I've completed the seed orders and the fat envelopes have begun to arrive. The pots, seed trays and potting mix are stacked and ready. I keep my fingers crossed that when the time comes to turn on the water in the greenhouse,  we will be awarded with instant gurgling and a steady stream of water.

Have you given thought to your home garden needs as the days have lengthened? I am happy to offer you a selection of USDA Certified Organic plants so you can grow your own organic vegetables. 

Most consumers don't realize that commercially-produced vegetable and flowers are grown with large amounts of chemical fertilizers to promote lush plant growth, boosted by systemic and sprayed pesticides to control insects. You have no way of knowing exactly what has been done to those plants!

All our plants are started in a heated greenhouse with a supplemental light source. At Metzger Heritage Farm, we have always used organic methods. Our USDA Organic Certification is your assurance that our plants are grown to exacting NOP standards, beginning with certified organic seeds.

I'll post additional information in coming days but let's have an email conversation to discuss your needs - I will need to have all orders for seedlings by March 25 to allow enough time to have plants ready for transplant after frost danger has passed.

garlic under its protective mulch

"No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn"
- Hal Borland

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