Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mixed Greens Ready Now!

Choose from mixed greens, spicy mix or mesclun mix
Where else can you customize your salad greens?  Rytz and Laura have carefully tended several beds of salad fixings in the high tunnel since mid-March and they're ready now! They have mixed greens, spicy mix and mesclun mix and can pick and customize your bag just for you!
By buying USDA certified organic salad greens, you have the assurance that your greens were grown without herbicide, chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Plus, when you open the bag, your nose won't detect that "off" odor that tells you that the greens have been treated to preserve their freshness. No need for that when you buy local!
Prices are $3 for a small (4 oz.) bag and $6 for a big (8 oz.) bag. Please call 814-274-8004 and leave a message if we don't answer. We'll return your call.  (Another way to order is via email at You can pick up your order here at the farm or local delivery can be arranged.
We can't wait to share this goodness with you.
Coming soon .... radishes, kale and arugula.
And don't forget the certified organic tomato and pepper plants.

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