Thursday, March 17, 2016

Certified Organic Plants Available

Building on the success of growing our own organic plant starts for several years, we are offering certified organic tomato and pepper seedlings for sale this spring.

Silvery Fir Tree is one of the varieties available
To grow organic plants, we begin by choosing only USDA Certified Organic seeds. We will be growing for sale varieties with a relatively short growing season, which helps to ensure home gardening success in our climate.
We selected tomatoes that have a determinate habit, also called "bush" tomatoes. These tomatoes grow to a more compact height than the indeterminate tomatoes that need a trellis or staking system. Most of the tomato varieties we're offering for sale are ones that we have grown for years.
For peppers, we're offering a sweet green bell pepper, as well as three different hot peppers.
We start the seedlings in a organic seed starting mixture in seedling flats. When the plants develop leaves, they are transplanted into three-inch square peat pots with a compost-based potting soil. We have found that using a seed starting mix allows for better development of strong root systems.
Our plants are grown in our heated greenhouse under lights.

Cost for individual plants will range from $3.75 to $4.25, depending upon the seed costs. We will be developing a list of available certified organic plant starts and suggest that you reserve your plants in advance by either calling the farm (814-274-8004) or via email at

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