Monday, April 28, 2014

Going Mainstream?

I was interested to see several references to purple potatoes (and several other vegetables we grow) in the April 2014 edition of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.
A beautifully-illustrated piece on "Rainbow Crops" hyped the nutritional benefits of brightly colored vegetables. Purple potatoes were listed among "crops rich in anthocyanins (currently being studied for their anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits)."
Among the Easter dinner recipes I found "Garlic Potato Rolls" which called for 8 oz. of cooked purple potatoes, mashed.
The United States Potato Board advertises the benefits of potatoes with a full page ad in the magazine. Don't those potatoes look a lot like the Gourmet Organic Potatoes we have for sale at Costa's ShurSave Food Shop in Coudersport?
We still have a limited supply of purple potatoes (and some of our other varieties) from last year in storage. If you'd like a supply of a particular color (like purple), contact us soon (email: or by telephone.
Here's a picture of the beginnings of the 2014 potato crop snapped last week.

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