Friday, April 11, 2014

Full Speed Ahead!

When a bunch of farmers get together this time of year, the conversation almost always turns toward the weather. We're in consensus when we lament the late spring this year. I almost don't dare to look at the 10-day weather forecast since the last time I looked past the promised 70-degree temperatures this weekend, I saw snow and ice pellets in the mix for early next week. Sigh.....
Last year we beefed up our indoor planting schemes to enable a head start on the season. It was the first week of March when I started my first seeds indoors this year under the grow lights in a sunny upstairs bedroom window.
First and second lettuce plantings
Tomato seedlings
I start my seeds in trays with Organic Mechanics Seed Starting Blend and then replant the seedlings in individual pots with Vermont Compost Company Fort Vee Compost-Based Potting Soil. I've found this combination gives my plants a good start before planting in the high tunnel or outdoors.
I vowed this that I wouldn't start as many seeds this year but when I look around the greenhouse, I do believe I may have overdone it again! Of course, when late summer rolls around, we'll all welcome a harvest like this!

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