Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Vegetable Lover!

Our grandson, Rowan lives with his mom (our daughter) and dad (pictured here) and baby sister in eastern Oregon. Rowan enjoys their big backyard garden where he harvests little cherry tomatoes, peas, strawberries and other treats. Rowan also enjoys visiting the chicken coop every afternoon to gather eggs. Like his parents, he loves the outdoors. Rowan will celebrate his second birthday in September.
We had the privilege of spending an extended period with Rowan and his folks in the spring after he was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor (a form of kidney cancer) in March. He weathered surgery to remove the tumor and an 18-week regimen of chemotherapy and now shows no evidence of disease.
While we were "out west" (folks in Oregon refer to Pennsylvania as "back east"), our son Joe, his friend Jen, and a legion of friends and family did an amazing job getting 250 lbs. of seed potatoes in the ground, along with rows and rows of peas, shallots, beets and other plantings. While our plans for the farm year were somewhat de-railed, I have been amazed at how the farm has come together this growing year. We're able to offer some vegetables for sale at the Farmer's Market and at Costa's ShurSave Food Shop. We took potatoes, Swiss Chard and lettuce to the fledging Roulette Farmer's Market on Monday. John Snyder used our peas and new potatoes to prepare gourmet offerings at Olga's Cafe and Bistro in Coudersport.
In the next couple of weeks, our farm focus will be on the continuing harvest of new potatoes. If you'd like to try any of the 22 varieties, come by the Farmer's Market in Coudersport (Saturdays beginning at 9 am) or in Roulette (Mondays beginning at 2:30 pm at the library) or send an email to us at

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