Saturday, August 20, 2011

Marketing Locally Grown Produce

There are new surprises in the garden every day! Some are the good kind - like the beautiful cucumber that was waiting for me to pluck it from its leafy vine yesterday. Some are the bad kind, like the cabbage that was a snack for some animal (deer?) last evening. I am keeping a close eye on our shallots as they develop bulbs and the edamame soybean pods as they plumpen toward the perfect time to pick.
As mentioned in a previous post, our plans for this season were seriously curtailed but we do have some extra produce for market in addition to our main crop of potatoes.
I snapped a picture of this market box I prepared for a customer this morning. She was delighted to get some baby summer squash, new red and purple potatoes, green beans, lettuce, beets and Swiss Chard. If a basket similar to this interests you, please let me know and I'll put one together.
I'm currently sitting on the courthouse square in Coudersport at the Farmer's Market. It's held here every Saturday beginning around 9 a.m. Stop down and see me and the other farmers.

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