Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spring Planting!

I hear the low hum of the tractor as sunlight streams in the window by my desk. Arthur has been our since sun-up tenderly burying seeds in the nurturing soil. He's planting sweet corn now. We've chosen two varieties from Seeds For Change. We're planning to keep the weeds at bay thanks to our cousin Timmer who has fabricated a uniquely designed cultivator. I'll post some photos of the "Metzgervator" in action when the time comes!
What do you think of the peas? They're being trellised for ease in picking. We'll have them for sale - either as a pick-your-own or we'll pick them for you. In my mind, peas fresh from the garden are very special. You just can't go to the supermarket and find them in all seasons like other commercially-produced vegetables. Be sure to reserve yours now. I'll keep you posted as we near the harvest times.

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