Monday, May 3, 2010

Apples In Our Future?

We've been most extraordinarily busy since my last post. A new subscription to Lancaster Farming brought us word of an auction in Allensville featuring a complete cider press. We traveled to the auction and were the winning bidder on the equipment but . . . the owner changed his mind about selling and we returned home disappointed and somewhat baffled. However, we're in conversation with a fellow in nearby New York state who is looking to sell an antique cider press.
Peas are in the ground and I hope to sow some lettuce, beets, onion sets, carrots and shallots in the next couple of days. Tomatoes, pepper and melon seedlings are happily established in the new greenhouse. Arthur built us some cleverly designed three-tiered wheeled carts so we can easily move the flats around. The greenhouse is wonderful!
The chicken peeps are growing and will soon be ready to move into the chicken house.
My next post will feature rhubarb....coming soon!

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