Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good, Good, Good For Us All!

Tom Chapin serenaded a large crowd last evening in the Chautauqua Ampitheater in what was billed as a concert for children and adults. Tom is known these days as a children's performer but he doesn't hesitate to include social commentary in his songs. I couldn't help but sing along as he began to sing about locally grown food with the catchy refrain "locally grown and locally eaten is good, good, good for us all!" Could this be a theme song for our fledgling farm? With lyrics like "it seems paradoxic and carbon-dioxic to force all our food to commute. Wasting gallons of fuel which we know isn’t cool for people or planets or fruits." and  "Aside from the karma of helping the farm-a who lives in your county or state, the very best reason to buy what’s in season the taste is incredibly great!" This great song is by John Forster and Tom Chapin and will be included an a cd being released later this summer. (Check out
We're just days away from a bumper group of peas on the Metzger Farm. If you'd like some, please call the house (814-274-8004) and leave a message or e-mail Remember . . . "locally grown and locally eaten is good, good, good for us all."

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