Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Peas Ready Now!

Peas growing on tall trellises have a long tradition on this old farm on Crandall Hill. Though my (Jane's) tenure tending this patch of earth reaches only back to 1971, I have long appreciated hearing the loving recollections of those who can still see Grandpa Matteson out in the garden with his hoe and can hear the laughter of the women gathered on the front porch working at shelling peas still warm from the sun.
We're picking our 21st century peas daily and offering them for sale at $3 a pound. They're available at our makeshift roadside stand at 905 Dingman Run Road or call (274-8004) or e-mail ( and we'll be happy to accommodate your needs. All the vegetables are grown without chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.
We also have Swiss Chard available now. Watch for some recipe suggestions in the next couple of days. We appreciate your interest in our soon-to-be-organic farm.

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Studio38 said...

Jane - Those pea pods look like they have some DELICIOUS peas in them! When you say "soon-to-be-organic" farm - does that mean that you are still undergoing a process to be approved as organic? How long does the process take?