Thursday, March 23, 2023

Sugaring Close To Home


Here's young Arthur Metzger offering his assistance as the family syrup making commenced back in the 1950s. Note the barn boots, cap and belted jacket! His mother, Wanda Gooch Metzger was the family photographer.

There's a long tradition of making sugar from maples in this neighborhood.

Potter Enterprise, April 4, 1907

We're not in the maple business but just over the hill, we enjoyed pancakes, sausage and maple syrup last weekend at Green Hill Sugar Shack.



Our neighbor, Kristin Gavin, showed up on our doorstep yesterday bearing this from their Applewood Hollow Farm. The Gavins live on the farm formerly owned by C.L. Stearns referenced above.

Destined for sourdough buckwheat
cakes coming soon!

From 1923


Steven J said...

I well remember Grandaddy's rhapsodies on "sugaring off." I seem to recall that it is possible to get the syrup to such a consistency that you just pour it on the snow in a pattern, and you can soon pick it up like a pretzel.

Anonymous said...

Yep. We called that "wax."

Kristin Gavin said...

Thanks for including us.

Carol said...

Those were great days.

Anonymous said...

Hi I just bought this painting in Davie Florida and in the back it is signed Clara Metzger 1970 Metzger Farms Mercer PA . Do you happen to know her?