Thursday, September 3, 2020

Safe For All

This sign greeted me when I opened the door to prepare our farm stand for customers this morning. It's a companion to these created by Arthur, designed to entice customers to choose organic fruits - from our farm, of course!

Just to refresh your memory, I give you some reasons to choose organic for your apples.

1. Organic Apples Taste Better. Once you've tried many of the varieties of organic apples, you will be able to taste the difference - some have said the flavor explodes in your mouth. Commercially grown apples tend to taste watery and bland. Pesticides used to grow conventional apples make the fruit retain water, and you get an apple swollen with water instead of taste.

2. Pesticides Are Toxic To Farm Workers & Consumers. Remember, the sole purpose of any pesticide is to kill living organisms. Conventional produce has absorbed the pesticides and chemicals that were used to grow it. Synthetic herbicides, pesticides and insecticides have been in widespread use in commercial farming since the 1940s. Our apples are grown without these harmful substances. Some think they can get rid of pesticide residue by peeling apples, not taking into consideration that the apple has been sprayed multiple times during its growing cycle.

3. Support Local Farms and Farmers. Every time you make the choice to buy organic from a local farmer, you are supporting a small farm, allowing them to profit while maintaining their organic principles and sustainable farming practices. When you make the decision about the product you are buying, you are "voting" with your money to ensure the small organic producers can continue to bring you their wholesome - and better - produce.

These are the apple varieties we currently feature at our farm stand.

Pristine – An early apple that is sweet enough for out of hand enjoyment.

Duchess of Oldenburg – Early-season apple, originating from Russia in the early 18th century.  It is primarily used as a cooking apple.

Yellow Transparent – Named for the pale-yellow skin of the fruit that matches the flesh. Crisp, light and sweet – makes the ultimate home-cooked applesauce.

Mollie’s Delicious – A crisp and juicy apple with sweet-tart taste. Unrelated to other Delicious varieties.

Williams’ Pride - Early-season all-purpose apple is especially good for fresh eating.

Sansa – Sweet and juicy with a little tang. Good for fresh eating or for making apple sauce.

Red Free – Great multi-purpose apple that works in baking, salads, and for fresh eating.  

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