Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Summer Dreaming

Known in our neighborhood as "Summer Lilac"

This plant grows at the corner of the parking area in our front lawn. Now a tall, gangly shrub, it started as a small shoot from a plant that lives over the hill from us on Sunset Valley Farm. John Peet shared a cutting with us when I admired a similar plant that grows along Dingman Run Road where Dave and Betty Mottern live.
According to the University of Arkansas website, the name "summer lilac" was given to the early hybrids by French nurserymen, many of whom developed the French lilacs of that same period. During the 1920's the name "butterfly bush" became popular as a common name and seems to have replaced the first common name for the species.
While you're thinking of summer, don't forget that we will be offering our certified organic tomato and pepper plants for sale again in 2017. Details will follow but if you're interested in a particular variety, let us know (metzgerfarm@gmail.com) and we'll try to find the certified organic seed to grow them for you.

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