Friday, January 29, 2016

What's 'Hot'?

Vitamin-Packed Chard
Have you seen the January edition of "Better Homes and Gardens?" This venerable old magazine was always on the coffee table when I was growing up and I have been a subscriber for years. Except for a few years when they editors went far afield, recipes are dependably good. This month "winter greens" are featured. How about some Toasted Couscous and Chard Salad? Sounds divine!
As our customers already know, we grow great Swiss Chard. It's one of the first vegetables available in the late spring and, if the farmer plants successively, harvest continues well into October. We have several Farmers' Market customers who come to our table specifically to snap up the tasty greens each week.
Swiss Chard is just the latest in the string of vegetables that become "hot" and turn up in recipes on the Food Channel, magazines and in the blogosphere. Along with the chard, the magazine also featured other hardy greens – kale, chicories, collards and spinach – all of which thrive in our cooler climate.
Shall we grow some for you?

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