Saturday, February 8, 2014

Farming For The Future

Metzger Heritage Farm was well represented at PASA's 23rd Annual Farming For The Future Conference. Arthur was present for the whole conference while Jen, Joe and I attended for a day or two.
This is our fourth visit to the conference and each time we marvel at the joy of being in a space with so many folks who are part of the sustainable agriculture community of farmers, foodies, artisans, vendors and activists.
Where else can you take part in workshops with such diverse topics as "Animal Powered Farming: The Path To Draft," "Farm Bill 2014," Homeopathic Methodology for Plants," "A Conversation On Milling," "Producing Asian Greens For Market or At Home," "Plant Communication, Behaviors and Environmental Interactions," or "The Business of Farming: $100,000+ on a Small Vegetable Farm."
I sat in on the Educational Programs Discussion Group for our North Central Region of PASA  (Bradford, Cameron, Centre, Clearfield, Clinton, Columbia, Elk, Lycoming, McKean, Montour, Northumberland, Potter, Sullivan, Tioga and Union Counties) on Friday. It was good to see Lisa and Jeff Werner (hosts of a regional field day at their farm last summer) from Blue Marble Farm there! In a roundtable discussion, Board members asked us to provide them input on our unique educational needs.
I shared my perspective that PASA should consider building stronger relationships with existing organizations (particularly in our very remote and rural area) such as Cooperative Extension, the Conservation District, Education Council and Chambers of Commerce/Tourist Promotion Agencies. I also reminded the group that many of us don't have access to truly high speed internet to take advantage of videoconferencing streamed over the internet while centrally-located public facilities (such as the Potter County Education Council) has access to that technology.
We'll be blogging more about the PASA Conference in future posts. I'm particularly excited to share information from the Keynote Speech by Daphne Miller, M.D.

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