Friday, January 3, 2014

Potato Magic

Making mashed potatoes using a ricer is a concept I remember from my mother's kitchen. My 90+-year-old grandfather lived with my family for the last years of his life and he loved all foods old-fashioned – salt rising bread, codfish gravy, soft sugar cookies ... and riced potatoes. As a youngster (what did I know?), I considered the process a complete waste of time when one could whip up those spuds with an electric mixer!
I spotted a ricer at a kitchen store while Christmas shopping so I bought myself a little present. Since then it's had lots of use for it produces the fluffiest mashed potatoes ever! I've discovered yet another use for our gourmet organic potatoes. (Pictured here are our Augusta (a yellow fleshed potato similar to Yukon Gold and Butte Russet.)
The ricer looks somewhat like a very large garlic press and works the same way. Just put the cooked potatoes in the hopper and press through the holes into a bowl. Mix with warmed milk and melted butter and stir lightly to combine. By ricing, you avoid the gummy-ness that sometimes happens when you whip the potatoes and you also avoid lumps common with the use of potato mashers.
I used unpeeled potatoes for my first try and found that the skins get trapped in the hopper and make the job much more cumbersome.

In reference to my previous post, I appreciate hearing from all of you -whether you commented or messaged or emailed me. I would welcome additional comments/suggestions for we really are interested in bringing more efficiency to our fledgling operation.I'll leave you with this photo taken this beautiful sunny morning with our thermometer reading -4F.
Orchard and high tunnel blanketed in snow

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Great information. Stay warm, Jane and Art.