Thursday, December 26, 2013


Here on the farm, the short days and the frozen ground mean we're pulling gleaming jars off the pantry shelves and hearing that sound that happens when the lid is popped. It's a special pleasure to catch the first scent of whatever is preserved inside - the slightly tart tomato-y scent, sweet and spicy applesauce, the tang of salsa, and that particular canned bean smell.
There are also the delights buried in the freezer – roasted tomato sauce, peppers, bird egg beans, corn, peas – oh so good!
The peppers that occupied the dehydrator in the early fall have yielded fiery hot pepper flakes that have delighted friends and family alike.
The cellar holds our stores of potatoes, onions, shallots and sweet potatoes.
A good hunting season and connections with area meat producers (thanks Thompson Farm and Miles Farm Produce) provide a freezer full of meat.
I'm counting my many blessings on this day after Christmas, feeling truly thankful for living in a little space on this planet that allows us to grow our own food - while at the same time providing an opportunity for others to share those bounties as well. Thank you to all our customers for supporting our efforts and for taking steps to eat locally-grown food.

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