Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rouge De Grenoblouse

This is Rouge  De Grenoblouse. From my years of high school French (thanks to Randall Halter), I know rouge is red but Grenoblouse? Perhaps it's a location?
I planted a half flat of this beautiful lettuce in early March in the greenhouse and then transplanted it into the high tunnel in early April in anticipation of having it ready for the opening of the Farmers' Market in late May. Well, it's ready – and delicious – now!
From the Seeds Of Change catalog: This full-flavored heirloom lettuce has beautiful, thick, puckered green leaves with purplish-red edges that make sweet and succulent salads. Tolerant to both summer heat and heavy fall frosts, it is an outstanding variety for the home garden from spring to fall.
If you're interested in buying some now, call or send me a comment, and I'll pick some for you. We also have a green leafy head lettuce that's ready but it's not quite as photogenic as this beauty.

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