Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's Edamame Time In Potter County

We took a couple of days off for the Labor Day weekend and traveled to Annapolis, Md. for some spectacular Drum Corps competition. In our absence, fruits and vegetables continued ripening and we found loads of edamame ready for the harvest.
If you haven't yet tried these tasty storehouses of nutrition, I suggest you buy a pound and try them.
I took a dip made of edamames I had put in the freezer last fall to a potluck gathering recently and received rave reviews.
We have a very good supply and if they don't sell, I know what we'll be doing -- though the freezer space is waiting for the arrival of a moose ....
Look for this ad on the local "news" blog -

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Heather said...

Awesome!! I cannot wait to get some!