Monday, April 23, 2012

Winter In April?

It's been snowing since last evening and the ground, trees, gardens and high tunnel are blanketed in the white stuff. I will head outside later and take some photos. The Japanese Quince bush next to the house had just burst into bloom and there is a poor robin perched there wondering what on earth has happened!
I am working happily in my snug office getting up to date with AgSquared, a  new record-keeping system for small farms that promises to bring farm management to a new level. I saw a presentation from the company's founders at the PASA Conference last year and signed up to become a beta tester.
Arthur is working to get the heavy wet snow off the high tunnel. The weather has surely added unwelcome complexity as we try to get this unheated greenhouse up and running. Last week the winds wreaked havoc with the zippered ends and even threatened to tear the structure from its moorings. Now it's the snow.
Stay warm and dry!

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