Wednesday, March 31, 2010


In the 1940s and 1950s, the Potter County farmers working these rocky fields began growing more and more potatoes. They shared in the development of the "Potato City" complex at the summit of Denton Hill on Route 6 dedicated to the breeding and development of new potato varieties. The complex served as a site for field trials, demonstrations and meetings all aimed at marketing Potter County as the potato capital of the east.
Here on Crandall Hill, the Mattesons and Metzgers were part of the Potter County potato growing family. Though it's been many years since potatoes were grown commercially on these acres, we've ordered organic seed potatoes to plant this spring and hope to market several unique and time-tested varieties of organically grown potatoes this fall.
Here's our six-month-old grandson, Rowan Eugene Day, surveying the seed potatoes that his parents (Jonathan and Kate Metzger Day) will soon plant in their Oregon garden. I calculate that he's the sixth generation of a potato growing family!


Unknown said...

It appears that Rowan wants to help with the planting...!

Anonymous said...

cute babe.
want to pass on good book. :Just Foods" by James E. McWilliams.
goes beyond buy local and organics while at the same time criticizing
corporate green revolution... but looks at feeding the population.
good research but controversial... don't agree with it all but made me think. Johanna

Studio38 said...

Jane, I can't believe that I never knew the history of the potato growers in Potter County! It makes me wonder what else I don't know... Oh, and Rowan is very adorable in the photo!