Monday, June 24, 2013

Taking Stock

Summer has finally arrived in Potter County. It's been downright hot the last couple of days. The cool of the morning, just after sunrise, is the perfect time to work in the fields, gardens and high tunnel.
Come, take a walk out to the high tunnel with me before it gets too hot . . .
The very first ripening tomato on a Stupice bush.

These little gems are known as "Sweetie Cherry."

Look closely to see "Ring Of Fire" peppers. They turn red when ripe.

The first green bell pepper – a "King of the North."

Lettuce destined for the Farmers' Market this Friday.
On the way to the high tunnel, you'll pass summer squash plants,  Swiss chard just peeking through the soil, and a planting of soybeans, to be harvested as edamame in late summer.

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