Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The sun's shining today and gentle breezes blow. We've been outside all day – weeding, putting up fence, laying down weed barrier, pruning tomatoes, planting seeds, even mowing the lawn - whew! Tomorrow it's going to rain again so the window of opportunity is small for work like this.
Here are a few pictures of tomatoes in the high tunnel, most of which have been in their raised beds since mid-May. We started a large variety of all-heirloom seed this year and have well over 150 tomato plants in the high tunnel and even more planted outside.
"Sweetie Cherry" Tomatoes

Tomato plants growing on their trellis.
Lettuce for the Farmers' Market ... and for us!
... and in the yard a glorious Summer Lilac has burst into bloom!

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Anonymous said...

We can't wait to sample all of the different varieties. We are growing Tomatillo from seed in containers. It made us realize that when growing a tomato from seed, you get to know each and every plant very well along the way to maturity and really anticipate the fruit when it is finally ready to pick. It's nice to know where the fruit and vegetables come from as opposed to get seeing it for the first time sitting on a supermarket shelve with a produce sticker stuck on it.