Monday, August 20, 2012

Home Grown Tomatoes

A good friend stopped by our table at the Potter County Farmers' Market on Friday and, while filling his bag from our selection of red, ripe tomatoes, said with a grin, "There are two things that money can't buy, do you know what they are?" Any Guy Clark fan would respond:
Home grown tomatoes, home grown tomatoes,
What'd life be without home grown tomatoes
There's only two things that money can't buy:
True love and home grown tomatoes
It really isn't stretching it to tell you that our tomatoes are truly homegrown, beginning life as carefully selected certified organic seeds planted in certified organic potting soil and carefully tended until their transplant into the high tunnel or garden. They were then staked, caged or trellised, fertilized with organic fertilizer, weeded, watered and tended. We've been harvesting tomatoes for about four weeks and we're at the peak right now. Enjoy these photos today and we'll see you at the Farmers' Market this Friday where you can choose your own.

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