Sunday, August 5, 2012

Do You Want A Farmers' Market?

Since we've been participating as a grower in the 2012 edition of the Potter County Farmers' Market, I feel qualified to offer the following question:
Do you want a Farmers' Market in downtown Coudersport?
The growers are doing their best of offer you a nice selection of seasonal produce and more. This year vendors are offering baked goods, high quality crafts, fruit trees, fruiting vines, cut flowers and even organic potting soil.
The number of vendors has grown and continues to grow. The number of shoppers does not. I'm happy to come to the square on Friday with the best of the best from our fields and gardens if it provides an opportunity to offer our local folks fresh, nutritious and delicious vegetables and fruit. As a customer, you are spending your local dollars supporting the local economy.
So if you're interested in having a Farmers' Market on the square in Coudersport, come on down on Friday afternoon, introduce yourself, take a look at our wares and let us know what we can grow for you!
Here are a few pictures of what's growing now at Metzger Heritage Farm.
 Swiss Chard is at its absolute best these days.
 N'oreaster Pole Beans climbing to the sun.
Organic Roma paste tomatoes ripening on the vine.
 Preview planting of Edamame Soybeans close to harvest!
 A whole slew of hot peppers in the high tunnel - jalapenos here!

 These hot beauties are known as Ring Of Fire!
 For a little more color - organic calendula flowers.


  1. The Farmers Market has been a blessing to the community. We are truly blessed to have a source for local vegetables. I'll try to get there more often.

  2. For such a small town, Coudersport is lucky to have a market like this. We would like to see some sweet corn soon. Every week we're looking for it!!!

  3. I love the idea of having a farmer's market supplying our wonderful town. Unfortunately, for me, Friday afternoon is just the worst possible time for me to get to town. I do not normally shop at that time. I would have to consciously make the time to travel to the Farmer's Market. With sports starting, I will try to get over there before I pick up from practices. Carry on and keep spreading the word. Put it in everyone's consciousness and people will begin to make is a part of the routine. Thanks for hanging in there!

  4. I have to agree with the above post. I would really love to shop at the Farmer's Market, but my work schedule does not allow me to get to the Square during the hours it's open.


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