Monday, October 25, 2010

Potatoes Harvested!

The potatoes are in! Cooperative weekend weather and a work crew – including Grandma Wanda Metzger – filled the cellar with five varieties of organic potatoes.
We'll be selling them in 5-lb. bags.
We purchased our certified organic seed from Wood Prairie Farm in Bridgewater, Maine. The descriptions are theirs.
BUTTE RUSSETS – highest in Vitamin C and protein. Great baked, mashed, or fried.
CAROLA – a sunny yellow potato from Germany boasting a smooth, creamy texture and exceptional flavor. Suitable for baking or frying.
ROSE GOLD – the best of the red-skinned golden-fleshed potatoes. A mildly dry potato that is perfect baked, steamed or in creamy soups. Unsurpassed taste
REDDALE – striking red potato with fine, moist flesh. Delicious boiled, baked or Au Gratin.
RED CLOUD – beautiful crimson potato is uncommonly dry and delicious baked or boiled. Extra good keeper.

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