Thursday, January 20, 2011


The seed companies really know their marketing! Catalogs arrive in the mail just as the snow begins to stick to the ground – a time when outdoor pursuits are limited. What better time to dream of the wonderful vegetables that will pop out of the soil?
Here on Crandall Hill, we've been dreaming through those colorful pages, comparing lists from previous years and doing lots of thinking and lots of talking as we plan for the growing season and other big changes on the horizon.
Here's a picture of the orchard taken yesterday as the snow continues to fall from the leaden sky. Can't you imagine those branches bursting into bloom in just a couple of months?

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Nellie said...

Indeed, I can imagine this with a most tender joy. I just read, "one loves and gives art only to the things to which one is accustomed; new things capture your fancy, and bore you by turns." Edgar Degas. I think of this plot on Crandall Hill with a ferocious nostalgia; thanks for posting.